A dark tale of love in which two gay men find their relationship thrown into turmoil by an unexpected discovery of truths leaving an insecure lover to try making sense of reality.

Tandem is a universal story, which speaks the language of love and lust, emotions and psychology. A hard-hitting, haunting, provocative British drama, the narrative is as timeless as a Greek tragedy – placed in the context of a sensual and contemporary world. It is honest and frank in it’s depictions of psychology and sexuality. It is a film about emotion. And – no matter who you are – it is a film about you and me. Told through two interwoven time-lines, Tandem offers a no-holds barred glimpse into an intense gay relationship, where the love is expressed physically, tenderly and where the emotions run deep. It is a universal story which should reach out to anybody who knows how it feels to love.

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