Tech Spec

Promotional DVD artwork (for festivals, press etc)

Genre(s): Drama ¦ LGBT ¦
Screening Status: Selected for and screened at festivals in: Brazil, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Israel, Peru, Spain, UK, Germany, Romania, Serbia
Distribution Rights: Available Worldwide
Runtime (PAL): 12m 00s (inc. credits) *
Language: English / No Dialogue
Sound: Stereo 2.0
Format: Colour / HD  1080/25p
Aspect: 1.78 / 16:9
Shooting Format: PAL / HDCAM (principal photography shot on Sony HDW-F900/3)
Exhibition formats: Digibeta (PAL stocked; NTSC available) / DVD (PAL and NTSC) / H264
[other formats to spec of distributors or exhibiting festival on request at selection acceptance]

[* ‘Mainstream Version’ (no frontal nudity) Runtime: 11m 45s]

A truly independent film, the self-financed production budget for Tandem was less than GBP £1,000. It was shot over two days… with just one day of principal photography. Filming wrapped in January 2011 with final post production completed in September 2011. The world premiere screening was in November 2011 as part of Festival MixBrasil.